Mutual funds

Fund name - sorted alphabetical Date Price 1M performance % **
KD Prosperita - CEE balanced 11/6/2017 0.02315900 € -0.84 pokles
KD Russia - equity fund (Russia) 7/30/2019 0.02417200 € 1.61 rast
Prvý realitný fond - real estate fund 7/30/2019 0.07089200 € 6.15 rast

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KD Prosperita Prvý realitný fond  
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Notice: The value of an investment into a mutual fund may increase or decrease depending on the situation on the financial market. Present performance is not a guarantee of a future performance. Before investing, consider the product's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Contact your advisor or IAD Investments, správ.spol., a.s. for a prospectus containing this information. To obtain a free prospectus and for information on any fund, please download from our web site or contact our management company. In accordance with approved statutes, the share of stock or instruments of the financial market issued or guaranteed by the state indicated in the statutes of the each of funds may exceed 35% of the value of the property in the fund, while they may reach up to 100% of this value. The Management Company is obliged to redeem Units of Prvý realitný fond without undue delay, no later than 12 months. The Mutual Fund Prvý realitný fond invests primarily in estate assets as well as indirectly through investments in real estate companies in these segments of the real estate market.